Challenge A: On Target

18-19 Challenge Logos TECHNICAL-On Target CMYK


The Technical Challenge prompts students to complete tasks by using engineering, research, strategic planning and related skills.

  • Design and build an aircraft that takes off, flies, and lands.

  • Design the aircraft to deliver a team-created payload.

  • Create and present a story about one or more characters exploring a remote place.

  • Create and present two Team Choice Elements that show off the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength, and talents.

Your Affiliate Challenge Masters

Betsy Broughton
Adam Morin

Oct 1, 2018

Welcome everyone!

We are looking forward to a fantastic year of flying machines!

We are off to an accelerated start. There is already a Published Clarification. Remember this text supersedes the Challenge

# 1 2018-09-28 Section I.B.2
In the Challenge, section I.B.2 should read: “For this Challenge, a Payload is any single physical item that is loaded on and/or attached to the Aircraft and then carried in Flight. The Payload must not be designed to break apart. Your team may use a different item for each of the 5 Payload Drops.”

We also wanted to point out that Team Clarifications are also open. If you have any doubts if your solution is in line with the Challenge rules, ask. Only ONE question per request. Keep in mind the International Challenge Masters may take up to a week to respond. These answers will only be shared with your team!

Check back here throughout the season for updates, hints, and important information.

Betsy and Adam






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