Challenge RS: Friends Everywhere

A Friends-Everywhere


Our Rising Stars! for Early Learners Challenge offers simple experiences with the creative process, and it gives young kids (preschool through 2nd grade) a place to work together and make new friends.

  • Explore how children of different cultures live, learn and play.
  • Create and present a play that tells a story about 2 different cultures.
  • Present similarities and differences between the 2 cultures.
  • Design and build a prop that will transform and be used in 2 different ways.
  • Create costumes and scenery to help tell the story.


Your Affiliate Challenge Masters

Jessie Roh
Abby Stewart

Training Materials

Rising Stars Survival Guide (2018)


Tournament Paperwork

Declaration of Independence

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Confirmation


IMPORTANT INFORMATIONĀ from your Affiliate Challenge Master


Tournament season is coming up soon! Feel free to use the document below to make sure you team, parents, and managers will have everything they need from on their journey to Tournament Day! Any questions about the challenge or Rising Stars can be sent to Jessie or Abby. Questions about individual tournaments can be passed along to your Regional Director or City Coordinator. Good luck!

Pre-Tournament Preparation Guide





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