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Registration Assistance:

Purchasing & Managing Team Number/Materials @ National DI

Go to

Instructions: Purchasing and Managing Team Information at National DI

Registering & Managing Teams with Massachusetts DI

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Instructions:   Registering Teams with MADI

Electronic Paperwork Copies – Download Here…

Challenge Tournament Data Forms:

19-20 Technical Challenge – The Big Fix

19-20 Scientific Challenge – First Encounter

19-20 Fine Arts Challenge – Picture This

19-20 Improv Challenge – To the Rescue

19-20 Engineering Challenge – In the Cards

19-20 Service Learning  – It’s About Time

19-20 RisingStars – Starry Showcase Form 

Declaration of Independence and Expense Report forms:




Think you’re really being helpful by interfering with the team’s solution?  Read this article and revisit your thinking.  Why interfering isn’t helping the team!


Need to ask a specific question about the challenge – that is called a CLARIFICATION?  You have 10, so why not use them! Go to and select Challenge Program and then Clarifications…then you select your team’s challenge!  The deadline to submit a clarification is February 15th.

Rules of the Road & MADI Specific Policies/Procedures

The Rules of the Road 2020 should be the first stop for every Team Manager.

Review the list of banned items specific to Massachusetts DI

Please make sure all of your parents and spectators know about the MADI Code of Conduct

Review the Massachusetts Specific Procedures.

Youth Protection Policy

Youth Protection Policies and Procedures

Youth Protection Information for Parents

Team Manager Fall Conference (training)

We have revamped our fall training to offer a variety of new workshops for Team Managers who are new to DI and those who are seasoned!

Session Notes:

Training Materials…

Team Building Activities document.

 Team Manager Tournament Boot Camp (training)

The second of our two team manager trainings is vastly different than the New Team Manager training.  Team Manager Tournament Boot Camp is critical for all team managers – new or experienced.  Come and discuss your team’s challenge with the state’s Affiliate Challenge Masters.  Ask your questions, listen to others ask theirs.  To ensure your team is not misinterpreting the challenge, it is best for you to attend this training.  Team Members (of any team) are not allowed to attend even if they are a co-manager on another team.

WHERE?  Grafton Middle School, Grafton, MA


No need to register for this training – just bring a bagged lunch and join us for the day.  We will have coffee, tea, and donuts in the cafeteria starting at 7:45 a.m. and will begin in the auditorium at 8:15.

Training Day Handouts

Technical –Understanding Technical Design and Innovation-2020 tech 101

Scientific –First Encounter onesheet

Fine Arts –Picture This Handout for Team Manager Training

Improv –

Engineering –TMT #2__2019-2020 In the Cards Team Manager Trng 2_Eng Challenge rev 10Jan2020

Service Learning – SL TM2 Handout 1 11 20

Rising Stars –Manager-training-2-handout 20

Instant Challenge –Ten Important Questions to ask after every Instant Challenge Activity


Improv session:

Discipline: DIDiciplin2  & DI Disciplin-1

 Tournament Day…Team photos

Help your team remember the year with a team photo by Sullivan’s Studio. 

Team Building and Instant Challenge Resources…

MADI: Team Building Activities

National Destination Imagination:  IC Practice Ideas blog post

Montana Destination Imagination: Components of Instant Challenge

Iowa Destination Imagination: Iowa Practice Library

Ben aka – The Duct Tape Guy

New York Destination Imagination:  IC Tips and Tricks

New Hampshire DI:  Practice Library

Our compendium of collected Creative Problem Solving tools and techniques

Creative Problem Solving Resources

Generating Tools

Focusing Tools

  • ALoU— a constructive way to analyze strengths, challenges, unique aspects, and future potential of an option
  • Evaluation_Matrix — evaluate, weigh or choose options against specific criteria
  • Paired_Comparison_Analysis— rank a small number of choices
  • Sequencing — organize tasks along a timeline to create a plan of action.

Additional Team Manager Resources

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