Appraiser Training

Who Needs to Go to Training?

Please review the Appraiser-Training-Flowchart-v2.pdf.  If you have questions please contact Karin Cloutier at If you are required to attend training but don’t your team will be penalized the $200 no-appraiser fee so make sure you know your training responsibilities.

What Do I Bring to the Appraiser Training?
Bring your challenge. (Please have read it over several times) Bring a pen or pencil. Bring lunch. (Coffee, water & fruit will be provided) REMEMBER…..DRESS CASUALLY. Be comfortable.
A Copy of your Challenge!!



If you are an Instant Challenge appraiser – you will NOT receive a copy of your challenge now. Otherwise, your challenge is attached. Please read it over before you train and bring it with you. It may seem overwhelming but you will be working with a team of appraisers and you will have one specific job to do.

Are You Working at Your Child’s Tournament?

Remember: If your child is performing at the tournament you are assigned – you will not see their performance.

Can I go to either training?

YES, but if you can try to make the assigned training, you will meet your head appraiser and other team members. TRAININGS ARE IDENTICAL AND YOU MAY ATTEND THE ONE THAT’S MOST CONVENIENT. BRING A LUNCH. (Fruit & water provided)

Where are the trainings?

Visit the appraiser training section of the calendar here for dates, locations and time.

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