Challenge A: On Target

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The Technical Challenge prompts students to complete tasks by using engineering, research, strategic planning and related skills.

  • Design and build an aircraft that takes off, flies, and lands.

  • Design the aircraft to deliver a team-created payload.

  • Create and present a story about one or more characters exploring a remote place.

  • Create and present two Team Choice Elements that show off the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength, and talents.

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Betsy Broughton
Adam Morin

March 19, 2019

Congratulations to all of our ON Target teams!!!! We were amazed at all the wonderful solutions we saw at our regional tournaments.

To the teams advancing to state finals: There are a couple of Challenge rules where we allowed generous leeway at Regionals that will be appraised very strictly at the state finals. We wanted to give all your teams a heads up so they can adapt their solution if necessary.
First is B.8 “the Payload may not come into contact with or be directed by anything other than the tournament-provided floor until the Payload stops moving. If the Payload does not separate and/or is directed by something other than the tournament-provided floor before it stops moving, your team will receive 0 points for that Payload Drop.”  This means payloads which are moved, even a little bit, by the downdraft from the team’s aircraft WILL score zero.
Next is B.5 “For each Payload Drop, all parts of the Aircraft and Payload must fit into and become airborne from entirely within the chosen Takeoff Zone (A-E). Takeoff may be initiated outside the Takeoff Zone.”  This means if the team has a launching device that extends outside of the Takeoff Zone the aircraft MUST break contact with the device while the Aircraft is 100% inside the 3D area of the Takeoff Zone.
Betsy and Adam

Feb 8, 2019

Just a reminder ONLY one week left to ask for a Team Clarification.  Adam and Betsy are not able to answer challenge specific questions so be sure to get your questions into the International Challenge Masters before the deadline!!!!!

Since we are going to see all kinds of remote connections to team aircraft we want to remind you while we ask the audience to turn off cell phones we CANNOT guarantee there will be no interference with bluetooth or radio connections.

Rules of the Road page 17 #3 says the tournament “might” allow teams to connect to a local wireless connection.  At all MADI tournaments teams WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to connect to the school’s wireless unless it is public (not password protected) and turned on. You will need to contact your Regional Director to find out if your venue has public wireless. There will be NO public wireless connection at WPI during the MADI state finals.

We hope this finds your teams flying high!

Betsy and Adam

January 19, 2019

Hello Everyone,

It was wonderful to see so many of you at the Team Manager meeting last Saturday. For those of you unable to join us we have posted the handout: “18-19 Technical Challenge” under the Team Manager Information header.

We want to remind you of a few highlights that could cause your teams headaches

* There will be NO HELIUM allowed at any MADI tournament.

*After the Payload has separated from the Aircraft until it stops moving it cannot be directed by ANYTHING but the tournament provided floor/tape. This includes physical contact with a previous payload, props, team members, or anything placed on the floor, as well as non-physical direction given by moving air (eg fans) or remote controls.

*Both the Payload and the Aircraft must become 100% airborne within the 3D taped boundaries of the selected Takeoff Zone

*Please be sure to also read Rules of the Road!

If your team has any questions you can ask for a Team Only Clarification until midnight Feb 15, 2019. Team Clarifications are ONLY shared with your team.

We hope everyone’s solution is taking flight!!!

Betsy and Adam

Oct 1, 2018

Welcome everyone!

We are looking forward to a fantastic year of flying machines!

We are off to an accelerated start. There is already a Published Clarification. Remember this text supersedes the Challenge

# 1 2018-09-28 Section I.B.2
In the Challenge, section I.B.2 should read: “For this Challenge, a Payload is any single physical item that is loaded on and/or attached to the Aircraft and then carried in Flight. The Payload must not be designed to break apart. Your team may use a different item for each of the 5 Payload Drops.”

We also wanted to point out that Team Clarifications are also open. If you have any doubts if your solution is in line with the Challenge rules, ask. Only ONE question per request. Keep in mind the International Challenge Masters may take up to a week to respond. These answers will only be shared with your team!

Check back here throughout the season for updates, hints, and important information.

Betsy and Adam






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