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1.  Destination Imagination Memberships

We offer three packages depending on the number of teams that you plan to start. Here is all the information you need in order to purchase your memberships from idodi.org and get started!

2.  Registering a Team with Massachusetts Destination Imagination

Team registration is open. Start Here!

Estimate of Costs

  • National DI Membership:  $95/team ($80 for each subsequent team) and $60/Rising Stars
  • MA DI Tournament Registration:  $135/team
  • Challenge Budget:  depends on the challenge the team chooses
  • Membership t-shirts and snacks

It depends on the number of team members and the challenge the team chooses, but on average the cost is approximately $65 per team member.

Kids & Parents Information

What does it take to be on a DI team? What are the Parents responsibilities and limitations? Read all about it!

Team Manager Training

Team Manager Training II registration is open. Register Now!

Challenge Specific Information

Click on your challenge for more information. Check often we will be updating.

Team Manager Documents

All documents can be fond on the Team Manager info page here.

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