Destination Imagination Tournament Results

Destination Imagination congratulates all the students who participated in the (No Location) tournament. We think you are all winners!

The first 9999 place teams are listed in place order,the remaining teams are listed alphabetically. Teams emphasized as such are going on to the next level of competition.

A: Maze Craze

A: Maze Craze, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GDartmouth Public SchoolsDartmouth119-87744
2Fairhaven DIFairhaven119-68655

A: Maze Craze, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GTNorth Attleboro MS/HSNorth Attleboro119-97936
1GTOld Rochester DIMattapoisett119-79121

A: Maze Craze, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num

B: Unlikely Attraction

B: Unlikely Attraction, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GOld Rochester DIRochester119-04433
2GWestport Education FoundationWestport119-08198
3Old Rochester DIMattapoisett119-07636
4Old Rochester DIMattapoisett119-42981
5TOld Rochester DIMattapoisett119-40999
5TFairhaven DIFairhaven119-60697
6Westport Education FoundationWestport119-14882
7Old Rochester DIRochester119-38357
8Barnstable Public SchoolsHyannis119-48926
9Manomet Elementary SchoolPlymouth119-53451
10Harwich ElementaryHarwich119-04068
11Harwich ElementaryHarwich119-88397

B: Unlikely Attraction, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GWestport Education FoundationWestport119-03634
2Norton Public SchoolsNorton119-27079
3Old Rochester DIRochester119-26965

B: Unlikely Attraction, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GNatick Public Schools - NHSNatick119-92195
2Old Rochester DIRochester119-60417
3Westport Education FoundationWestport119-52108
4Barnstable Public SchoolsHyannis119-17361
5Monomoy Regional High SchoolHarwich119-74612
6Barnstable Public SchoolsHyannis119-46333

C: Change of Tune

C: Change of Tune, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GDartmouth Public SchoolsDartmouth119-44562
2Old Rochester DIRochester119-32706
3Old Rochester DIRochester119-52294

C: Change of Tune, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GBarnstable Public SchoolsHyannis119-39366
2Old Rochester DIRochester119-00622
3North Attleboro MS/HSNorth Attleboro119-71686
4North Attleboro MS/HSNorth Attleboro119-68244

C: Change of Tune, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GOld Rochester DIRochester119-06716
2North Attleboro MS/HSNorth Attleboro119-21210
3North Attleboro MS/HSNorth Attleboro119-39723

D: Treasure!

D: Treasure!, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GWestport Education FoundationWestport119-93074

D: Treasure!, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GDartmouth Public SchoolsDartmouth119-01323
2Brooks Free LibraryHarwich119-26192

D: Treasure!, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GSeekonk High SchoolSeekonk119-86563
2Sturgis Charter Public SchoolHyannis119-28829
3Cotuit Center for the ArtsMarstons Mills119-21777
4Barnstable Public SchoolsHyannis119-79035

E: Drop Zone

E: Drop Zone, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GOld Rochester DIRochester119-68741
2Westport Education FoundationWestport119-46245

E: Drop Zone, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GNorth Attleboro MS/HSNorth Attleboro119-67364
2North Attleboro MS/HSNorth Attleboro119-97578
3Brooks Free LibraryHarwich119-07004
4North Attleboro MS/HSNorth Attleboro119-39046

pO: Inside Impact

pO: Inside Impact, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GBarnstable Public SchoolsHyannis119-35132

pO: Inside Impact, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GBarnstable Public SchoolsHyannis119-83666
2Westport Education FoundationWestport119-00062
3Barnstable Public SchoolsHyannis119-26543

pO: Inside Impact, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GNauset Regional High SchoolOrleans119-15167
2Cotuit Center for the ArtsCenterville119-13293

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