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Everything You Need To Be An Appraiser

List of 2017 appraisers with region and role (will be available around 1/17/17)

General Overview of Appraiser Role:  Appraiser Training Video 

Sample Team Solutions: MADI teams at Global Finals
 Appraiser Guide
You can Register at the bottom of this page!!!


Info from the Affiliate Training Director:

1. Scoring Rubric to print: rubric

2. Information on Awards: special award descriptions

For specific tournament information, such as directions to tournaments, maps of the facilities, schedules etc. please visit the Regional Tournament pages.  Go to -> INFO -> Regions and click on the Region # title.


2017 Challenges
A : Maze Craze
B : Unlikely Attraction
C : Change of Tune
D : Treasure!
E : Drop Zone
PO: Inside Impact
RS: Friends Everywhere

You may need to know portions of the Rules of the Road:  Complete Rules of the Road 2017
To help, here is a digest version that hits the most important issues you need to know: RoTR Condensed 2016

Appraiser Training

YOU MUST ATTEND ONE AFFILIATE TRAINING held in accordance with the calendar. SOME Appraising positions DO NOT require retraining. Review our Appraiser Training Info.

Appraiser Quizzes

Some positions may require you to take an online quiz.  You will be notified if this is your position:

Instant Challenge Quiz (for experienced IC appraisers):  coming soon

DI University

DI University is a new resource designed to train Destination Imagination volunteers. Visit our site at and start your training today!

Appraiser Roles

You can identify your appraiser role preferences when you register. Review all available roles here.

Additional Information

  • Each team must have one adult represent their DI team as an appraiser or pay a fee of $200 and be non-competitive in your performance.
  • Appraising is usually a two-day commitment. One Saturday training in January or February AND your Regional Tournament in March.
  • You need no prior MADI experience or knowledge. You will be trained and work with a team of officials.
  • YOU MUST ATTEND ONE AFFILIATE TRAINING (there are two options for this training- see the Calendar for this year’s specific training dates). SOME Appraising positions DO NOT require retraining. Once you have been assigned to a role (by the middle of January) you will be sent information to determine if you need to attend training or not.  If you have any questions, please contact our Affiliate Director at
  • If you are representing a team and are a parent of one of the team members, you cannot be assigned to your child’s challenge. You will not be able to see their performance and will be assigned a challenge elsewhere at the tournament. You may be able to be an Appraiser at another tournament on another day.
  • If you are a team manager or team member, you will make a great appraiser but may NOT work in Instant Challenge OR the Challenge you are managing or participating in.
  • When an appraiser volunteer registers at representing a team, the tournament assignment will default to the team’s home regional tournament. If an appraiser volunteer would like to “Request a Different Tournament Assignment”, simply select this option and you will advised which tournament you are assigned in January after all teams have registered.
  • If you are a team manager or team member, you will make a great appraiser but may NOT work in Instant Challenge OR the Challenge you are managing or participating in.
  • As an appraiser, you can enjoy knowing you have helped provide an outlet for creativity in children. You will also receive an official’s pin, a handy pocketed apron and an official’s luncheon.
  • You need to review the job choices, the synopsis of the challenges this year, and then complete the Appraiser Registration Form online at If you are representing a team, you will need to know your team’s number to register.  Appraisers are assigned as they register so jobs are assigned as a 1st come -1st serve. Register early to get your choice.
  • All Appraiser info is due by see calendar. Independent Appraisers not representing a team must also be registered by see calendar. **NOTE: Appraisers registering earlier are MORE LIKELY to be assigned the position they requested. The later you register, the less likely you will be placed where you choose. We will make every effort to assign appraisers based on their 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice.
  • You will be sent via email your assignment and all necessary materials and directions on the upcoming training sessions. Please double check to make sure your email address is correct.

Note: Please take your 2-day commitment seriously. If you sign up, please follow through and attend the Saturday training. This program teaches kids commitment and teamwork. We expect the adults to set the example. Teams without an appraiser must pay a $200 fee by the Regional Meeting in February. Any team whose registered appraiser does not show up at the training will be invoiced for the $200 and the team will be allowed to present their solution, but will not be scored and will not have the opportunity to move on to the State or Global competitions!! We have often seen teams hurt because adults did not take their commitment seriously. Please understand that we have this policy only because MADI is run totally by volunteers and we can’t provide tournaments without the help from each team. We would much rather have the volunteers – not the money. This is a small investment of your time and talents to do something to help a great group of kids have an experience they will never forget! Thank you.


Appraiser Registration

ALL appraisers, whether representing a team or officiating as an independent appraiser, must register with Massachusetts Destination Imagination.  Register here

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