Appraiser Roles

The Central Challenge Appraising Team is made up of the following positions:

Head Appraiser (Regional Challenge Master)

Oversees the Appraiser team, presents scores to the team managers, sets up the site, and prints all paperwork needed. Assigned by the Regional Director. Not a choice online but if interested contact your RD.

Challenge Official

Scores one part of a challenge during the team’s performance; technical or performance based items. After each performance, you will interact and talk to the teams to better evaluate their solutions. This person should interact well with kids and be able to speak to kids on their level of understanding. Training required.

Prep Official

You must be outgoing & friendly person who greets the team and gives the team instructions. Checks over a team’s paperwork, answers last minute questions and relaxes the team. REQUIRES AN EASY GOING PERSON WHO IS GOOD WITH DETAILS & EXCELLENT WITH KIDS. Training required.


Gives directions to teams in the Launch Area and introduces the team. Keeps audience entertained between performances, crowd control, and keeps track of all timed elements in the challenge. This person is a “HAM” and enjoys performing to an audience. An upbeat and loud voice – A MUST. Training is required.

Appraiser Team Organizer (ATO)

Collects, sorts paperwork, checks for omissions, prepares papers for Head Appraiser and score room. This person is well organized and detailed. This person may have to bring score sheets back and forth from the site to the score room. This job does not score teams. Training is required for anyone new to this role.

Instant Challenge Appraiser

Works with one or two other appraisers in a quiet classroom. Each team that enters your room will be given the same challenge, directions and materials. You will score a team’s solution for creativity, teamwork and other criteria. You will set up the room for each team. This person must interact well with children. Training is required.

Additional Appraisal Team Members

SPECIAL CHOICES FOR 2013 – 2014 that allow you to see your team perform. These will go FAST! SLOTS ARE VERY LIMITED—SIGN UP EARLY.

Score Room Volunteer
(4 per tournament)
Working in a team environment, this role requires individuals who are comfortable with computers and will enter thousands of individual team score elements in the official DI Tournament Scoring Program. Your team will be led by a Score Master. Advance training is NOT required, training will take place the day of the Tournament.

Sales Table Coordinator
(3 per tournament)
Responsible for the set up and coordination of the sales table at the tournament, this is a full day job. Works with other sales table officials to handle sales of merchandise, process credit card purchases and assist customers. SHORT TRAINING REQUIRED if you are new to this job.

Appraisal Food Coordinator
(2 per tournament)
Responsible for provision of breakfast and lunch for tournament officials. (Approximately 100) This is a full day job. Set up and maintain appraiser lounge. Budget will be provided by MADI. NO TRAINING NEEDED, however you must communicate regularly with the Regional Director.

Tournament Medical Official
(2 per tournament)
Must be an RN, EMT or MD to be on call AT the tournament all day for any health or medical problems. Tournament will provide an appropriate space for treatment as necessary. NO TRAINING NEEDED.

All Day Volunteers—Miscellaneous Job Assignments
Could be assigned to assist in IC Check In or anywhere needed. NO TRAINING NEEDED BUT MUST WORK ALL DAY of TOURNAMENT.

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