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IMG_1130Getting Started

So you want to get your child involved with Destination Imagination, here is where you begin!

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 How are DI Teams Organized?

Many communities across the state of Massachusetts have Destination Imagination incorporated into their towns – some through the district schools and some through individual schools department. Others choose to organize through other groups like church groups, homeschooling groups or recreational departments or organizations such as the YMCA. Communities that have more than one team often have a DI Coordinator who helps teams form, manage registrations and provides general support.

  • Reach out to your child’s school to see if there is a DI program established already.
  • If there isn’t a program established in your area already, you can start a team yourself! All you need is a group of kids about in the same age range and two adults who would like to take on the role of the Team Manager.  Massachusetts Destination Imagination provides training for team managers so don’t worry, you got this!

Determine your type of team…

Competition Level Team | 2-7 members |

Early Learners/Rising Star Team | 2 or more members | noncompetitive, students in grades k-2|

1.  Purchase your Team Number from National

Purchase your Team Number on
Call 1.888.321.1503 / Mon-Fri 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (EST)

 2.  Download Materials and then Select your challenge at the national DI site

Once you have received an email with your team number, you can log back into the national database and download all the program materials.  You will want to download the following:

  • Team Challenges (for competitive level) or Rising Stars/Early Learning Challenge for students in grade k-2 who would like to be non-competitive.
  • Rules of the Road
  • Roadmap
  • Instant Challenge Practice Set

After your team has read through the challenges and selected the challenge they would like to solve, you will need to specifiy that challenge in the national DI database.

3.  Register with MADI for your tournament

Once you receive your team number from National DI, you need to register for a regional tournament in Massachusetts.  Just follow this link, create your user account and register once team registration is opened (usually eary October)! MADI Team Registration link.

The information you will need to provide to complete your registration includes:

  • Team Manager name, address, email and cell phone
  • Each team members name, parent email and grade
  • Your team’s appraiser**, their name, address, email, cell phone number and which training they would like to attend assuming they will have to attend one day of training.

4.  Attend Team Manager Trainings

Make sure you get a New Team Manager’s training (in the fall) and the Team Manager’s Boot Camp in January on your calendar and attend. These trainings are essential for your team’s success!  You will learn lots of cool stuff you can bring back to your team.


** Each team must find a person who is willing to serve as an appraiser or an all day volunteer at one of the MADI regional tournaments.  This person will likely have to also attend a day of training. Once you add their name as your team’s appraiser, they will receive an email that will allow them to choose which tournament they would like to work and their preference for their role for the day.



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