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    How would you like to volunteer with MADI?

    We have lots of ways to help support the efforts of Massachusetts Destination Imagination and one of them is by donating your time.


    Appraisers attend training and then the tournament day. It's a super amazing day filled with lots of fun and excitement as students from around the state present their solutions! We provide our appraisers with coffee, water, snacks and lunch to sustain you throughout the day. We ask you in return dress comfortably, wear a fun hat and be ready to be amazed!


    We have a variety of volunteer needs at a tournament including scoring appraisers, prep appraisers, and people to help with the sales table. If you are willing to help, we will find a role for you!



     Appraiser Information

    Appraiser Training

    Registering as an Appraiser Representing a Team

    Ask your Team Manager for their Appraiser Link - this link will connect your registration to the team.

    Who can be an appraiser for a team?

    Appraisers representing a team must have graduated high school and be at least 18 years of age. The only exception to this rule is if the appraiser has pariticipated in DI as a student and is currently a junior or a senior in high school.

    Can students who haven't done DI still volunteer?

    Yes! We are happy to have students volunteer at our tournaments, even if they haven't done DI before but they cannot count as a team's appraiser as they will not be able to be assigned to an appraiser role. Volunteers at tournaments will be assigned to other volunteer roles that are still really important though so we are happy to sign-off on National Honor Society or other community service hours!!

  • Scoring Appraisers

    Prep Appraisers

    Time Keeper Announcers

    Lunch Volunteers