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    New to DI?

    How to get started?

  • Form a Team

    Destination Imagination is entirely team based. Student teams must have between 2 and 7 members, and students in grades K-12 and University can all participate!

    The first step is to designate a Team Manager: someone who is 18 or older and has agreed to volunteer their time to organize, supervise, and mentor a team of students. To officially form a MADI team, a Team Manager must complete the following steps:

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    Step 1: Purchase a Team Kit

    A Team Kit includes your team number and Team Manager background check* . You can learn more about this year's pricing on the FAQ page. Visit DIHQ @ www.destinationimagination.org to purchase both the team number and background check. Volume pricing is available.

    *required if you aren't a school staff member who has completed a background within the last year.


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    Step 2: Complete the Background Check

    Before you can start working as a team, Team Managers must complete the DI background check. The purchaser will be given a coupon code to be used to complete the background check that is access via the dashboard at DIHQ www.destinationimagination.org

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    Step 3: Participate in Team Manager Training and Support Meetings

    MADI is here for you and the best way for you to support your team is to participate in our Team Manager trainings. So watch our emails and check out the Calendar for upcoming events and join us!

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    Step 4: Register for MADI Tournament

    If your team wants to compete in MaDI tournaments you will receive information about these opportunities and registration deadlines via email.

  • Once we register our team, then what?

    This is when it gets fun!! Teams typically meet at least once a week for 1 1/2 - 2 hours to tackle the team Challenge of their choice, practice Instant Challenges, and prepare props, sets, costumes, scripts and anything else they feel they need to do to meet the Challenge requirements. The Challenges themselves will answer a lot of your questions and guide your team! It is critical to read the Challenge your team choose over and over again!

  • Materials From DIHQ

    Once you have purchased your Team Number you will have access to the following materials to download through the dashboard.  These items are critical to your team's success!


    Team Challenges

    There are a total of seven team challenges, each with a different focus including: Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Improv, Engineering, Service Learning and for K-2 students Early Learning



    The Roadmap is your guide to how to plan out your DI season; it includes activites for you to do with your team. You can use it as a week-to-week guide or follow it more loosely - it's up to you!


    Rules of the Road

    All the rules, policies and procedures of DI are contained in this document. You don't need to read it but you will need to reference it time and time again.